Bullying In Schools May Have Frightening Long Term Affects

Bullying In Schools – Ever thought about the consequences in later life?
A lot of people answer yes, but have in fact taken no further action. Most people just think it over briefly because it hasn’t affected them directly. Most believe that it’s part of growing up, that the kids will sort things out themselves and therefore don’t get involved, just bury their heads in the sand hoping it will sort itself out and go away.

But, hang on a moment and give it some thought! Believe me, the concerns would be considered fully if it were your child because you would not want this traumatic experience to cause them any difficulties in their adult lives.

Perhaps we ought to give some thought to say, five main problems that can arise from bullying in schools and why it is important to recognise symptoms in your child early and work towards solving the issues.

Firstly, Self Esteem: You may feel that if the bullying has been spotted and sorted out then poor self-esteem should not be a problem if the child realizes it was not their fault. That’s a good point. Having said that, take into account that your child question why they were picked out and will still need help and maybe councelling to be built back up and reassured.

Secondly, Self Promotion: If your child continues to lack confidence in adult life they are not going to readily put themselves forward for tasks or find it easy applying for jobs if they feel worthless. As a consequence, they may not push themselves forward for employment that matches their academic abilities.

Third, Communication: A requirement in all our lives whether it be taking to work colleagues, staff, clients or friends. Adults that have been bullied when they were children often have poor communication abilities, and this carries through into their personal lives, which brings us onto the next issue!

Fourth, Relationships: Bullied children will have trouble maintaining friends and relationships in adult life unless they have been shown how to trust again and they have been made to feel they are worthy.

Lastly, Standing Up For Themselves: Poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence do not suddenly improve just because we become adults. These are problems that must be tackled seriously at an early age in order for us to deal with work, relationships, friendships and our ability to fend for ourselves and feel secure in the knowledge that we are able to look after and be responsible for other.

Now, take a good look at these possible long term effects and analyze them. Bullying in schools can happen to any child at any stage.

Look them over once again and consider these effects on a child of yours. We can see these affects in action if you look around your own workplace and community. These factors are sufficient to convince any parent that communication with their children from an early stage is vital and to believe that any strange or uncharacteristic behaviour in your child may be the results of bullying whether it is verbal, physical or cyber bullying. Bullying in schools needs to be controlled and not just thought of as a natural progression of growing up.

The most important point is that you know how to speak to your children regarding bullying in schools!

Find out how you can prevent bullying in schools and ensure your child enjoys a happy and fulfilled school life by visiting:

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