Women Over 30—Why Dating Shouldn’t Be Hard Work

Women Over 30—Why Dating Shouldn’t
Be “Hard Work”

by Amy Waterman

You may not realize it, but you have an advantage where men are concerned.

It’s called “Life Experience,” and most of us women have got it in spades.

Life experience can’t be bought. You can only get it through living, loving, getting hurt, getting back up again, and loving some more.

Sure, there are lots of people out there who study love, and they’ll tell you that you need to do all sorts of things to get a man’s interest: you have to mirror his body language, understand his psychological triggers, read his subtle subconscious cues, and so forth.

But you’ve managed to meet men in the past without jumping through all those hoops.

Maybe you’ve even managed to get married and have kids without needing to know a thing about “psychological triggers”!

Which brings up a very interesting question…

Why do you HAVE to work so hard at meeting men?

Can’t it just happen naturally?

Is it really necessary to change who you are just to catch a man’s eye? Surely you should be able to attract men by just being YOU.

After all, “being you” works for you. You like who you are. You don’t have the time or energy to change yourself for a man, even if he does look like Brad Pitt. (Well, there are always exceptions!)

Dating Can Be Hard Work

Trying to date according to the “latest expert advice” isn’t easy. All too often, it adds pressure to our already burdened lives.

It’s tough when you expect a lot of yourself.

The sad thing is: we all do it. We expect ourselves to be Superwoman. We have to be the perfect mother to our children and the perfect daughter to our parents. We have to be the perfect friend and the perfect employee. We have to keep up on the latest news and keep our weight down and keep ourselves healthy and find time for ourselves in the midst of it all.

We put a LOT of pressure on ourselves.

Then, when we start looking at our love life (or lack thereof), it all seems too much.

With everything else going on in our lives, do we really have to find the time to socialize just so that we can meet men and waste our time having dinner with someone we’re not even the least bit attracted to? Come on!

What You Need is a Fairy Godmother

You don’t need more advice.

Life experience has already taught you everything you need to know about how to “catch a man’s eye,” and you’re SO over that.

The more you live, learn and love, the more you realize that “catching a man” is a bit silly.

Sure, all that flirtation and romantic intrigue is fun and helps you feel good about yourself, but in the end it rarely goes where you want it to go.

These days, you’re less interested in fooling around and more interested in sharing your life with someone.

You’ve just got to find the right man.

Someone who’s interesting, easy on the eyes, fun to be with – who’s also decent, honest, and stable. Someone who’s not going to take your heart and run with it.

Actually, forget the man.

What you really need is a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand over you and instantly manifest your ideal relationship with your perfect mate!

Your Guide to Fearless Dating

I wish with all my heart that I could solve all your relationship worries with one swish of my pen and a “Bippity-boppity-boo!”

But I can’t.

Instead, what I CAN do for you is give you a one-of-a-kind makeover that will help you relax around men, enjoy yourself more, feel more confident, and have more faith in the future.

It’s all in my brand-new course, The REAL Women REAL Love Guide to Fearless Dating!

Forget about endless rules, techniques, strategies and psychological games.
Forget about feeling inadequate, awkward, or inauthentic.
Forget about working hard just to meet men you’re not interested in anyway.

This is about attracting men simply by being WHO YOU ARE…

And not what someone else thinks you should be.

Does that sound good to you? If so… Click Here Now To Read More


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