Seduction For Men : New Breakthrough Technique Reads The Female Mind—Free Course

Here’s an article by “Mr. X.” from Black Belt Seduction that I thought might interest you. Enjoy!

I’m going to share a secret with you today.

How to read women’s minds.

I know that sounds dumb but stick with me because it’s not what you think.

You see, if I told you that I could walk up to a woman and hear her thoughts, you’d either laugh or think I was full of B.S…

Well, you’d be right to be skeptical, BUT check this out…

You CAN read women’s minds. That’s because they ALL think the same way.

Women have been programmed to think in a certain way over centuries of evolution just to stay alive and reproduce.

And these thought patterns are programmed into EVERY female. They can’t help that they think that way, even if they try to fight it.

Think about it.

YOU are programmed to seek safety for survival – a shelter (your home), food (to keep you alive), water… but beyond that, you are programmed to seek out certain things like, having friendship… Belonging to a group… Social things.

We ALL want these things. Very few people can be truly happy for long periods of time on their own.

We seek human companionship and friendship. We ARE social beings.

Now women, are pretty complicated creatures, but almost EVERYTHING they do other than basic human needs are based on social needs.

Women NEED to be social.

And they are programmed to seek out and maintain satisfying social environments.

That’s really all women are about.

Now, if you can understand and believe in that concept then you really CAN read any woman’s mind.

You’ll know what drives her.

You’ll know what she thinks and why.

You’ll know exactly what she looks for in a man.

You’ll know exactly what she find attractive.

And you’ll know exactly how to attract her (regardless of your looks, body or current social standing)…

You’ll know that when you compliment her, it lowers your value (unless you do it right)…

You’ll know that if you buy her a drink when you first meet her… she will think you’re a loser.

You’ll know that if you take her to the movies or on a dinner date for your FIRST date, it’ll lower your chances with her…


You’ll know why.

Women are looking for a certain type of guy. It’s a rare guy.

99.9% of men need not apply.

She’s looking for someone special. Someone unique. Somebody that’s not like all the other guys…

And I’m going to show you EXACTLY what every girl is looking for (even if SHE doesn’t know it yet) and how YOU can demonstrate those qualities to her.

First things first, Click Here To Read More And Get Your FREE Course


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